Friday, January 22, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday 3

Week 3.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Okay, well, it wasn't as bad as last week, so maybe I should steal a different phrase.

The good:  my water intake is up.  I am drinking water daily. Nowhere near what I should, but some.  I actually "did" a workout.  Okay, it was only Leslie Sansone, for one mile.  More on that below.  I also walked up and down my driveway a few times.  Other than Wednesday, when my only exercise was trying to get into a position where I didn't feel like I'd throw up, I actually moved every day.

The bad:  Well, my water intake is nowhere near where it should be.  One lousy glass of water, one would think I could actually do that.  Yes, that is copied exactly from last week.  Still true.

The ugly:  well, that would be a houseful of sick kids.  That didn't add to my motivation to work out, or to drink my water.  Sigh.

Goals this week:

1) I will move every day, and at least two days I will "do" exercise.
2) I will get in a glass of plain old water (our glasses are 12 oz) every day.
3) I will check in every Friday, whether I met my goals or not.  I will tell how I did, and I will adjust goals for the following week.

So -- a quickie review of my workout of choice this week.  Walk the Walk by Leslie Sansone.  It includes a 1 mile workout (20ish minutes) and a 2 mile workout (35ish minutes).  I did the 1 mile.  And while the workout level was great for how I was feeling this week, and while I felt good doing something, and while I like the music (Christian music), there is something about hearing Leslie talk about picturing God putting on his little exercise shoes that just rubs me the wrong way.  I seem to remember the 2 mile workout as being less, uhhh, aggravating.  So that will be one of my workouts this week.

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Michelle Smith said...

Sounds like you have done well, except for the water. I'm looking forward to seeing you say next week that you got your water in! :)

I am also considering whether to get one of those Leslie Sansone walking videos, so I'm reading those of you who are using them with interest. I am considering getting a more intermediate one, though. Not because I am ready for it yet, but because I think it will "last" longer and I hope to be up to that level soon! ;)

Debra said...

Michelle -- the Leslie Sansone vids are kind of nice to have around. I don't particularly recommend the Walk the Walk one. I own another that I like better, as it is more flexible. A lot of the longer ones have options to do the first mile and then skip to the end for the cool-down/stretch. I like that a lot more. Does your library have any? Mine has a couple, and that was a really nice way to decide if I liked her stuff or not.

homeschool101 said...

Good luck to you. I know that you can rise your water in take up to where it needs to be. I didnt like drinking water alot sometime back. What helped me was my body started the craving of water during my last two pregnancies. Wow! I am a water finatic now. I cut out all the sodas. If I have one it is an occasional, Mostly uncaffinated drinks or Unsweetened tea and lots of water and juices. I am getting to the point I have not tolerance for the tastes of caffineated drinks but sometimes If I am not careful I may start leaning to the old. I am avoiding that. Lol.

I know that you will be just fine getting your water. So just step by step, day by day gradually work it up. What ever amount you in-took today drink one or tow more of tomorrow and so forth. You will be just fine.

I hope all the sickeness gets out soon. I know the motivation. Its is the Blah feeling. Lol. Keep it up, your doing great!

Heather said...

Sounds like you are getting into it! I need to find a video/soundtrack to use while I do the elliptical trainer. I did it to Sid the science kid on PBS the other day...and that just did not do it for me! Hope everyone is feeling better--we have crud going around here also--and I cannot wait for some warmer weather.
Do you put some ice and lemon/oj slices in water? I started making a jug for the fridge with my lemon in--I like the water so much better when its really cold. (& I tell the kids, that's mine)

Danielle said...

I totally agree with Leslie being aggravating in her constant chatter. I've learned that I can watch her with the sound down and have a CD on in the background with either music or talking and still keep up. Her comment that always gets me--there will be exercise in heaven. Please, tell me no! I thought heaven was a place of no pain or sorrow!
I do like that I don't have to worry about my kids watching her--at least she's not as immodest as some of the workout leaders I've watched.
Hope your kids (and you) feel better this week!

Debra said...

You guys are all so encouraging!!! I will have you know that my water intake has been so very much better. And I hadn't thought of adding lemon to the water in the fridge... Heather, that is awesome.

Danielle, yeah, that exercise in heaven part is where she talks about God having "little exercise shoes" and every.single.time. I watch this video, I lose my focus because I'm arguing with her in my head about how insane these comments are.

I have done her workouts with the volume way low and listened to Focus on the Family... I haven't tried other music, as I figure that will throw me way off.

author said...

I've never used the Walk the Walk version, just the regular Walk Away the Pounds dvd's. But you're right, her chirpy voice gets super-annoying after a bit! LOL

Hope everyone's feeling better and you're all back on your feet soon!

Congratulations on exercising nearly every single day! That's terrific!

See you next week! :)

Heidi said...

I hope everyone is on the mend. Yuck.

I absolutely must stay away from that dvd! Exercise in heaven? Chirpy voice? I already hate my Wii virtual trainer. I don't need to have a real live person to irritate me too.

P.S. Go drink a glass of water right NOW! Go on...right now! you can report on Friday that you had at least one extra glass of water.

Debra said...

Yes, ma'am... I've got a glass of water right next to me, thanks to your post, and I'm drinking it. Hopefully I'll even finish it.

You know, the more I hear about the Wii virtual trainer, the more I am convinced I'd hate it...

Thanks both of you... I'm sure we'll be better soon. I'm really struggling (all the more reason to drink my water) so exercise is not happening. Staying awake is about all I can take.