Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reading Aloud Challenge, week 2

Last week, I posted about how I've been convicted about returning to my homeschooling roots:  Read Alouds.  My goal was:

For this next week, we'll be reading Out of Many Waters (Connor), continuing the Dragon book, and picking up Paladins.  And obviously, Trina's reading.  I think I need to work on finding something else specifically targeted towards Richard.

So how did we do?
  • We read about half of Out of Many Waters.  Everyone (of course) got in on that.  I'm still hoping to get it finished this week.
  • We started Paladins.  Connor gave this to his siblings for Christmas.  
  • William and Thomas are listening to Twice Freed.  The younger ones have jumped into that as well.  Since that one is out on Interlibrary Loan, we will finish it tomorrow.
  • I decided that my younger two are going to be doing Core K.  So we started reading The Boxcar Children.  They are the only ones listening to that.
  • We read a couple more pages of the Dragons book.  I'd love to write a review this weekend.
 Plans for this next week? 
  • Connor -- finish Out of Many Waters, start Madeleine Takes Command.
  • Finish Twice Freed tomorrow, so I can return it on Saturday.  I think next week is a book we have on audio, so my voice will get a break.
  • Finish up Boxcar Children
  • Probably finish Dragons and Paladins too.

How about you?  What are you reading to your kids this week?  As soon as I post this, I'm starting another one dated next Thursday...  because I owe it to my kids to make myself be accountable.


Michelle Smith said...

This week we have already read the new Adventures in Odyssey Voyage With the Vikings title. I hope to begin the second one, Attack at the Arena, tomorrow.

My plan was to get to the library to check out one of the Ralph Moody books which came in through ILL a couple of days ago, but I haven't been yet. I have been reading our science book and history and literature read-alouds, too, but we probably won't complete Snow Treasure, which I had started as a read-aloud, due to needing to pick up the Moody title and begin it.

With spring allergies I struggle to fit in enough read aloud time. We may have to supplement some with audio books again.

Tess said...

I think you just inspired me to blog about reading aloud. *sigh* the only "reading aloud" I did today was the Nutrition 101 book (1 chapter) and we listened to The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson (audiobook).

Good for you for reading aloud and keeping yourself accountable.

Anonymous said...

I love this game :)

Tess said...

I got a post up! Here it is:

Debra, would you be willing to put up a Mr. Linky or Linky Tools. I think it would make a great meme and help us home school moms be accountable for reading aloud.

Cristi said...

I'm also going to start posting my reading-aloud progress. It might be slow, but I'd rather start slow than not to start at all.

This week we read a few chapters in Farmer Boy. Addison and Brennan listed to it all; Lauren wandered in/out.

A Thoughtful Spot said...

I would also love to have a linky and buttons. I love to read aloud, it just doesn't seem to have the priority in our lives that other things do, and I want to do it every day.

Marie said...

Great idea Tess! I'd be willing to join in too :-)