Monday, March 7, 2011

Words Matter Week: Forgiven

Did you know that this is Words Matter Week?  In celebration of this, the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors has issued a blog challenge.  The first question:

Is there a word that has changed, or could change your life?  What is it, and what difference would it make?


That is a word that has definitely changed my life, and it is a word that will continue to change my life.

The obvious meaning of that would be in relation to Christ and the cross, particularly as we head into Lent this week.

But it is also in the interactions between me and all the people around me.  My kids forgive me nearly every day for snapping at them, ignoring them, forgetting something important, or something.  Wouldn't my life be incredibly different if my kids couldn't forgive all my little (and big) transgressions?  They are stuck with me for so much of the day, every day.  Forgiveness means I can try again and they don't (usually) throw all those guilt-inducing "you never" or "you always" statements at me.

Forgiveness means I can stop stewing about being cut off in traffic or being slighted by a friend.  I don't have to get ulcers because I'm constantly upset about the people around me.

Not terribly eloquent or insightful... but there you have it.  Forgiven is definitely the word that has had -- and is having -- the biggest impact on my life.


Unknown said...

I'm really glad I read your blog today twice because I didn't see this post early in the day. This challenge was just something I 'had' to do. Thanks for inadvertently challenging me :).

Amy B

Michelle Smith said...

Forgiven. A great word. How blessed we are because of it. Thanks for sharing this. I don't know whether I'll join in, because I don't think I could come up with one as good. I'll see whether anything comes to mind this week. ;)

Alicia said...

Debra, great word choice. I especially like how the word you chose is one that describes something someone can give you, and something you can give someone.