Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Words Matter Week: Important Documents

Did you know that this is Words Matter Week?  In celebration of this, the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors has issued a blog challenge.  Today's question is based on the fact that words can change history:

What speech or document do you believe to be most important?  Why?

I don't know, where to start?  I asked my kids.  They were unanimous.  The Bible.  Smart kids.

One came up with the Declaration of Independence as another choice, but then the discussion went to how the Magna Carta.

I had thought about The Bible, specifically the Gutenberg Bible and its enormous impact on society.  I had thought about the Declaration of Independence as well and what a tremendous impact that document has had on my country.

But until my son brought it up, I had not thought about the Magna Carta.  It's coming up on 800 years ago that the Magna Carta was issued.  Parts of it are still on the books in Wales and England.  It didn't necessarily have a true impact in limiting the power of kings in the medieval period, but it became more important as a symbol, and had a huge impact on the laws in the U.S. colonies, and eventually on the Constitution.

I'm pretty sure the Bible is truly the most important document in all of history, but this Great Charter had a huge impact in the English-speaking world.


Unknown said...

Like Michelle, I almost didn't post yesterday on mercy yesterday after I read your post on forgiveness which was excellent. But in the end it was just too much on my mind to pass up the challenge. I'm glad you brought this too my attention, really. Today's challenge was more difficult don't you think? I spent a lot of time reading speeches today trying to decide where I was going. I love how you got the kids involved and thinking. I should have done that.

Debra said...

Amy -- today was HARD. I had no idea where I was going with it until I started talking to the kids. I'll have to check out what you had to say. Or did I already. yikes, today has not been a good one.

Ina's 5 and our Native Homeschool Blog said...

What about Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" and the many other speeches he made? Where would we be if it weren't fir the speeches? Would we have the friends, and neighbors we have today? My SIL wouldn't have the job she has, I wouldn't likely have the promotion I received today.

Just adding another to the list :)

Debra said...

I ended up limiting my post to documents... but when I was thinking speeches, Reverend King most certainly was among the first I thought of!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your promotion Ina.

Ina's 5 and our Native Homeschool Blog said...

Debra: You did say documents, I think my mind sees it that way because I usually read it.

Tikvah: Thanks :)