Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finally! A blog contest where I can compete!!

My friend Lori has an awesome blog post today.  I swear she's been listening in on my schooling when she created these prize-winning blogger categories. 

So, I think I fit into just about any of the categories she has listed, but since I can only nominate myself for two of 'em, I'm debating between:

  1. The WannaBe Award.  Yeah.  I definitely WannaBe... organized, a true classical homeschooler, or sane...
  2. The Perfect Procrastinator Award.  Yeah, I really should write that thought-provoking post about oh, something deep,  but hey, I'll post a cute kitty photo on Facebook instead.  Ummm, yeah.  She nailed me.  (Okay, SHE said puppy... but still...)
  3. The Not Coming Soon Award.  Huh.  How many times have I said I'd blog about spending less on groceries?  Too many times to count.  Don't look for that insightful series anytime soon either...
  4. or maybe I am royalty... The Queen of Misfits!  
I don't know.  Maybe tomorrow I can decide what to nominate myself for.  And you can go nominate yourself (or me!  I DO have a sense of humor!!) too.

Leave me a comment, and maybe I'll nominate you as well!!  (Tess, dahhhhling, I'm already planning you for The Harried Homeschool Award....)


Merit Kirkpatrick said...

I'll vote for you -lol!

Kela said...'s funny that you mention this award. Know why? I have your blog in my draft to receive the Versatile Blogger Award. =)

For my homeschool blog, I'm definitely entering the Misfit Blogger award!

Debra said...

Kela! Wow! I'm being nominated? For THE real awards? You are so sweet.... I'm touched (probably in more ways than one...)

I have not started to think about who I will nominate over there. I have to get through TODAY first... Life WILL be easier tomorrow.

April E. said...

These are fun awards, and I too entered for the WannaBe Award, and Queen of Misfits. LOL!!

Of course, I'd love to be nominated at the real awards, too. ;)

April E.

Beverly said...

I saw this list too. I still had a hard time putting myself in a category

Laura O in AK said...

I'm with you on fitting in several of the categories.

So, when's that saving money on grocery shopping while making sure the family doesn't starve post coming ;o) My boys think me mad, but I did a big happy dance when BlogSpark asked if I'd do a Fiber One review and giveaway that included a $25 gift card to Safeway. It stinks that the price of the Fiber One products are more than the free coupon covers, but such is life up in Alaska.

Tess said...

You are so funny! Somehow I didn't see this earlier.

Debra said...

Tess -- well, I nominated you! As promised. Nominated most everyone who commented on this post, actually.