Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday Challenge

Okay, I've completely lost sight of the wagon.  I started doing Fit Mommy Friday a long time ago, was okay for a short time, and completely fell away.  My health is getting to be a mess.  I'm very uncomfortable with my weight.  I'm embarrassed with my (lack of) fitness level.

So, tomorrow, I'm joining in on this challenge.  Between tomorrow and December 31 (65 days), I am going to be really focused on my health.  We've been encouraged to set goals, and for this to be something in the style of The Biggest Loser.  I know absolutely nothing about The Biggest Loser besides the fact that I believe it to be some type of a weight loss reality show, and -- if so -- it has a cute title.  (Yeah, I know.  I could google it and find out.  But I don't want to.)

Since I am so culturally clueless, I'm just setting my own goals.  If those running the contest feel my goals are not in line with the intent of the contest, feel totally free to not put me in the running for a prize... but I'm still in for the accountability aspect.  Because I desperately need it.

I am not setting a weight to be lost goal.  I know I'll hyperfocus on numbers, and not focus on health.  I want weight loss, don't get me wrong, but I want it to be a side effect of improving a lot of other things.  I function much better that way.

So I am setting the following five goals:
  • Daily:  I will move.  Every day.  Meaning something actually active.  Preferably outside.
  • Daily:  I will drink water.  More than just a sip or two after brushing my teeth (which right now, I confess, is all the WATER I get some many days).  I am not setting myself up to totally fail by committing to 8 8 oz glasses a day or anything, but I plan to be drinking a significant amount by the end of the year.  And NO MOUNTAIN DEW unless I am on a 1,000 mile road trip, or I have a migraine.  (I am NOT, however, giving up coffee.)
  • Daily:  My physical clutter is really wearing away at me on an emotional level.  So every weekday that I am actually home long enough to do anything (which is most days), I will do SOMETHING to declutter my world.  Starting with making sure the living room is picked up so I can workout inside (it's a bit lego-covered at the moment!)
  • Daily:  I will eat sensibly.  With two birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'm not swearing off desserts or special foods.  But I am going to get back to eating the way I have in the past when I have successfully lost weight -- predominantly healthy, with planned "treats"including a day here or there that is PLANNED to be a bit more indulgent than normal.  I know I lose weight better when I have planned splurges.
  • And working out:  again, I am in pretty bad condition at the moment, so I'm trying not to prescribe just what this will look like.  But a minimum of every other day, I will do something that I consider to be a "work out" -- my hope is that by the end of the challenge, I'll be capable of some type of a three days of workouts, one day off type of a schedule, or even two on, one off... I'd love to get back to my FIRM videos, or to doing Couch Potato to 5K...  I want to be able to be hiking with my Boy Scouts without worrying that they are going to have a first aid victim...
  • Oh, and I WILL check in every Friday/Saturday.
Missing a day because I spend it puking in the bathroom is not a failure.   Missing a day because I'm too busy to take care of myself is.  I'm stating that because every time I do something like this, I end up getting really sick in the second week and giving up since I "blew it" already.  I'm not doing that this time. 

My hope is that by December 31, I will have lost about 10 pounds and dropped a size.  But I refuse to focus on that aspect.


author said...

Debra, sweetie...your goals are absolutely perfect and your DEFINITELY in the running for the grand prize! ;-) No doubt about it.

I love the FIRM videos as well. If you even tried to complete even 10-15 mins and worked your way up, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by your progress at the end of the challenge. But then, that's totally up to you! :)

Hang in there, my friend. You're about to amaze yourself!

Michelle Smith said...

Hooray, Debra, I'm so glad to see you coming back, too! We can encourage each other! :)

And I totally understand about the goal setting and not to hyper-focus on the numbers. I was very careful on setting my own goals, not to set them so high they were unattainable, and yet to set them high enough to be a bit of a stretch. (Ooops, that pun just popped out!)

Dawn said...

Yo baby! Glad to have you along for the fun (?). Hee hee. I personally LIKE your goals. Looking forward to doing this journey together! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Betty Marie said...

I have similar goals. I shared recently about my teen and 20's battle with anorexia and how I cannot focus on "pounds", but I have to focus on health and exercise and self talk. I'd love to have a visit with you at my blog. I write "Fitness Fridays" weekly and share how the week went. I also feel the challenge of house clutter and have been writing about it in "Tackle A Task" posts. Blessings, it's nice to know I am in good company!