Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Groupon CSA purchase

Since I've been on a produce kick, I thought I'd post more beautiful photos.

I purchased a Groupon deal a week or so ago, to get a single delivery from one of the farms (Grant Family Farms) that does a CSA program here (Community Supported Agriculture).   I only participated because I have a car this week...

So today, I picked up my "couple" share of veggies (and my half-dozen eggs share):
Veggies include:  Swiss chard, kale, two types of lettuce, kohlrabi, beets, green onions, zucchini, red potatoes, green peppers, tomatoes, and a cucumber.

And my "single" share of fruit:

Beautiful, isn't it?

And the fruit photo ended up with some weird shadows on it... 

Anyway, my big challenge from this "share" is going to be using the beets and the kohlrabi.

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Unknown said...

I was reading through all of your posts and noticed your comment about freezing celery. Do you just wash and slice it? I froze some celery and green onions that way today from my CSA. I love the produce, but I do often have some left that is not going to get used before it goes bad. I need to know how to freeze cauliflower too! You inspired me :)