Friday, September 2, 2011

Random thoughts for the start of September

Just some random thoughts tonight.
  • I love all the produce we are getting this summer.  Bountiful Baskets, participating in the CSA at Country Roots Farm... and next week, I get to do a one-time participation in a CSA at Grant Family Farms.  Wow.
  • I love having so much stuff being stored up.  And it isn't that awful to do if I just make a point of doing it.  Hot salsa, mild salsa, pear sauce, peach syrup (that was intended to be jam), sauteed onions, pickles, and now spaghetti sauce.  
  • I love having the chance to review so many very cool things.
  • I love knowing that September is here, which means frost is coming and my allergies will end for a few months.  I hate what that means for gardeners and farmers.  But I am ready to stop sneezing.
  • I love starting new things for school.  
  • I don't love things changing.  At least, I don't always.  Trying to decide what I think of Blogger's new look and feel.  Hopefully, this will at least post like it is supposed to.
  • I love that my husband found a great deal on a hard drive... and tomorrow, while I am running around, he is going to get things transferred.  It won't quite double my hard drive space, but close.  
  • I don't particularly love that I need to be out the door in less than six hours... and I still have spaghetti sauce to deal with.  I better get off here and take care of it.
Night all!  

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Cristi said...

I'm not sure what I think about Blogger's new look either.