Sunday, November 6, 2011

Book Review: As Silver Refined

As part of Waterbrook Multnomah's Blogging for Books program, I've had the chance over the past couple of months to work through As Silver Refined by Kay Arthur.

I have to admit that I've never read anything written by Kay Arthur before.  I've heard her on the radio, and I've seen her stuff all over... but I've never read any myself.

This title, however, grabbed me.  One thing I find really frustrating is how often people (myself included, unfortunately) see troubles or trials in their lives, and they make statements about how this trauma proves they are doing the right thing... as Satan is attacking them. 

Isn't it possible (I know it has been for me) that the troubles are more of a wake-up call that you are on the wrong path?  Yucky stuff happens.  And while those troubles may not be a message from angels or demons, I do believe that God can and does work all things together for good...

Anyway, from the publisher:
What Can You Do When Life Doesn’t Turn Out Like You Planned?

How do you respond when your husband or wife tramples your emotions?  When your boss fires you unexpectedly?  When you lose your life’s savings?  When the child you’ve loved and prayed for turns his back on you and your values? 

When disappointments like these smash their way into your life, you may want to scream, “How could God let this happen?”

But what if God didn’t just “let it happen”?  What if the things you call disappointments are really His appointments—events He is using to make you more like Christ?  What if your circumstances are actually the flames of His grace, intended to melt and burn away the undesirable elements in your life, leaving you pure and radiant—like refined silver?

You can be defeated by life’s unavoidable disappointments, or you can become stronger because of them.

Life’s disappointments can send you on a dangerous downward spiral into discouragement, depression, or even despair.  But in this eye-opening book, Kay Arthur guides you to biblical truths that will help you break that cycle and instead embrace disappointment as the cleansing fire God uses to make you—as silver refined—a reflection of His goodness.

Now includes a 16 week Bible study!
So what did I think?  This book makes me think.  And while I certainly don't agree 100% with Arthur in some of the theological questions, well... it made me think.  I have yet to do the Bible Study part... though I think I do need to do that.

This is a book I will read again.  Probably one that needs to live on my nightstand and continue to be read through.  You can download the first chapter for yourself here.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for this review.

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