Monday, August 23, 2010

The Bible in 90 Days Challenge - week 8

Bible in 90 Days Challenge, post regarding days 43-49.  Here's last week's check in.  Mondays are too crazy and I'll never check in if I wait until the kids are up and we get to listen.
  • Monday: Read Psalms 21-40.  It ended up being a shorter day than I would have liked.  We did it in two shorter sessions instead of all at once.
  • Tuesday: Read Psalms 41-75.  We cleaned the kitchen while we listened.  It was fun hearing the different actors again.
  • Wednesday:Read Psalms 76-102.  Did it in three different segments.  I really like the reading plans that have you reading a psalm a day alongside the read through from front to back thing.  I have a tough time listening to that many psalms in a row.  Does that make me a horrible person?
  • Thursday: Read Psalms 103-121.  A bunch of pretty long Psalms in there. 
  • Friday: Read Psalms 122-Proverbs 3.  It is nice to be through the Psalms.  I don't like reading this book like this.  If I do this again (the 90 Day reading plan), I will read two psalms or chapters of proverbs per day, with an extra one on day 90.  And then allow us to miss at least a day when the kids are camping, which is usually once a month.
  • Saturday:  Read Proverbs 4-16.  See, more proof I'm just a horrible person.  This isn't a book that I seem to get anything out of going at this pace.  I'm not doing it this way again.  It just all blurs together.  I like it much better at a chapter a day.  And we are slowing it down and listening to 20 minutes at a time, and trying to fit in multiple times per day.  I'm finding it frustrating.
  • Sunday: Read Proverbs 17-19.  I told you Sundays are impossible. 
So, that's my check-in for the week.  Not very upbeat, is it?  Doing multiple short sessions in Psalms and Proverbs is HARD with everyone.  I'm going to be very, very happy to finish off Proverbs today. Go here to see what others are saying.


Kara said...

Proverbs WAS tough to read at this pace because it jumps around so much. It helped that the material is already so familiar to me because I've done the one-a-day thing quite a few times. I did notice a lot of repetition in the Psalms reading them straight through like this too...I'd think "Wait...haven't I already read that?"

Debra said...

Kara -- LOL about Psalms. Yeah, I was doing exactly the same thing. Didn't I JUST hear this? My guys commented on it too (at least that proved they were listening!)

I guess maybe there was a point to doing Psalms/Proverbs at this pace. Once.

I saw links (did you show me?) to a plan for kids to do their own B90 version. I think we are going to go for that when we finish up here. And in January, I want to do the chronological Bible in a year again.

This is great though. I'm so glad we are participating.

A Faithful Journey said...

I have to agree about the pace of reading through Psalms, but I love the Psalms! It is one of my favorite books!
Praying for you as you continue on this journey!

Lori Watson said...

I felt the exact opposite way about Psalms and Proverbs. These are the books that I could read through quickly and finally get closer to being caught up! I've been behind for so long, but I think I'll get caught up this week. Finally.

Lori Watson said...

I'm back. Just wanted to let you know you received the Sunshine Award 'cause you're appreciated!

Deanna said...

This 90 day Bible program is very interesting. I have another friend who is starting a 90 day Bible program. I am not sure if it this one of not, but I will be curious to see how it goes for him.

My boys and I are studying Job, Psalms and Proverbs this year for our Bible. I am excited about digging into these books.