Friday, August 20, 2010

I downloaded my Expo Freebies

And I am so excited!!

At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I have to tell you again that you can register for the upcoming Schoolhouse Expo, which is taking place October 4-8.  Plus there is a session in August, and one in September.

The freebies.  Okay, I have to tell you about them.  First, I signed up for the Live event ($19.99 if you register by Sunday) and not the Expo to Go ($14.95 if you register by Sunday).  There are slightly different freebies, depending on which you get.  I mentioned some the other day.  Well, today I downloaded my freebies and looked them over.

Wow.  Just wow.

Normally, to be honest, with stuff like this, there are a couple things that catch my eye, and I end up actually using only one or two items.  The rest take up room on my hard drive.  Not this time.

A couple of highlights:

Faithbooking: Evangelists Profiles from Fortunately For You Books
 I'm not big into lapbooks, but the short bios of four different evangelists are definitely going to be added reading material for my son as he works through modern world history.  Probably won't use the lapbook parts, but still... a great resource.

Map Trek: Ancient World from Knowledge Quest, Inc.
 Okay, this one I was excited about before I downloaded it, and am even moreso now.  The rest of their titles just went onto my wishlist.  Or my must list.

New Testament Teacher Timeline from Grapevine Studies
I love Grapevine's materials, and this one is no exception.  I'll be using this in a month or so, when we get to the New Testament in our Bible reading plan.

World of People StoryBuilders from WriteShop
I needed something for my 6th grader this year, and from reading the introductory materials, I think this is it.  Creating a story with random character/plot combinations will appeal to him.

  WannaBe: When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Missionary from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
I expected to like this.  I did not expect to decide I'm using it with everyone.  Missionary stories from real families serving right now in Mexico, Asia, and Chicago.  Stories from families preparing to go into the mission field.  Oh, yeah.  This one is for a far wider age range than I expected.

   Sierra Leone, West Africa Unit Study from Soli Deo Gloria Resources
I've mentioned once or twice that I'm not a huge fan of unit studies.  I almost didn't even download this.  I'm so glad I did.  I wish I had owned this study when we were doing Sonlight Core 5 a couple of years ago, but we will use it at some point going forward.  An awesome study about an area I'm pretty sure I haven't seen anything else for.  Wow.

American Pioneers and Patriots from Christian Liberty Press

Okay, so I was excited about this one from the start also.  This book is used in Heart of Dakota's Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory, which I'm planning to use with Richard and Trina next year.  Getting this book makes that a more likely possibility, as it is one fewer book I need to purchase.

There are more.  I haven't listened to any mp3s in the freebies, nor have I looked at any of the nutrition/cooking books.  There are a couple others I only glanced at.  So far.

Even if I don't get to attend a single session and my iPod stops working so I never get around to listening to the mp3s of the sessions... the freebies alone were well worth the ticket price.

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Those freebies sound so great! I am going to have to check my email to see whether I missed the link. I can hardly wait to attend this year.

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