Friday, August 13, 2010

Blessings of School Books

When the decision was made earlier this summer that Connor would be working through Sonlight Core 7 (World History) this year, we ended up purchasing an Instructor Guide from Sonlight, and precious little else.  The library has the majority of the books we need, we already owned a few... and it was decided that this was going to be a year to majorly rely on our wonderful library district.  You know, for roughly 2/3 of the books we'd need (I think the actual number was 31 titles).  And I'd use the Amazon gift cards I was getting through SwagBucks to purchase about a half-dozen titles.

I'm okay with that.  It is frustrating, having to stay on top of requesting books so we'll get them "just right" -- not too early, not too late.  It is frustrating having to have a pretty solid idea as to how quickly we will move through materials.  But I'm grateful for an amazing library system, and committed to making this work.

What did throw me was that we ended up having to use the Amazon gift cards for other stuff -- computer cords, chargers, science textbooks... and I have NOT been able to purchase my "have to buy" books.

But... it is amazing what can happen in a couple of months!  I was just updating my lists for this coming year, and trying to finalize what to get with $15 in Borders Rewards.  And before I place that order, here is where I stand:

Total books for Core 7: 48

Total we now own:  30
Total we'll get on audio from the library: 7
Total regular books from the library: 8
Total we still need: 3

A friend is probably letting me use (or have)  two of those on the "still need" list.  The third "still need" is on my Amazon list for next time I have to spend a couple more dollars to get free shipping (we won't need it until probably April).   I'm pretty high up on the list at Paperback Swap for three of the books we have on the library list for near the end of the year.  And I still have that $15 at Borders...

HOW did this happen?  Paperback Swap is a big part of it.  I earned a $25 Barnes & Noble giftcard through MyPoints, and that helped.  Mostly, I think, it has to be a "God Thing."  There is just no way all of this should have fallen into place so effortlessly.


Tristan said...

Don't you love when that happens?

Michelle Smith said...

What an awesome testimony!

We are also in the category of needing to utilize our local library heavily this year. Although our checkout terms are short (2 weeks with only one renewal), the librarians will hold my requests for more than the usual 3 days (up to one week), so that limits my library trips to once or twice per week. They also on occasion will call a book in to see whether they can extend an extra 2 weeks checkout.

I am learning to be content and grateful for how the librarians work with me, and although it isn't what I want I do know that I serve a God who works all things for His glory. :)

Tess said...

I love those God things!

Debra said...

Michelle -- I am so grateful for our long checkout periods! Being on the bookmobile, we get books for six weeks...

I have had years where we have extensively relied on the library. I assumed we'd be doing that this year, and, well, really we still are.

Connor is taking an online language arts class, and that will need two books a month... we're counting on the library for about 90% of those.