Thursday, August 5, 2010

Plans for 2010-11: 6th and 4th grades

I've been needing to get this all written out so I know what we are doing this year.  And then I saw the Not Back to School Blog Hop over at Heart of the Matter Online again this year.  Week 1 is Curriculum Week.  I'm going to do three posts... started with my 8th grader yesterday.  Today, I'll write about my 6th and 4th graders.  Tomorrow I'll write about my 1st grader and 4 year old.

William, my 6th grader, love math, science and history.  He struggles with reading, is severely dyslexic, and lacks confidence in language arts as a whole.  Thomas, my 4th grader, is a pretty average student all around, though he needs more work this year with language arts areas as well.  They'll be doing some things together, some things separately.

Sonlight Core 3:  This is the first half of American History, and it will be their 2nd time through the core, but the first time was four years ago.  I anticipate moving a little faster than scheduled, but we'll see. William was asking for American history, and I think this reader level is going to be about perfect for both kids.  I'm hoping for a build confidence type of a year.  Besides, I just love most of the Core 3 books.

Science:  William will be doing Apologia General Science through the Virtual Homeschool Group.  We have the mp3 CD, so that should make a big difference.  I'm hoping doing an online course in an area he enjoys so much will push him a bit to work on the typing skills, and reading too.  He will probably also do some Digital Frog with his brother.  And merit badges, and whatever else comes up.

Thomas, I think we are going to primarily continue to unschool science.  It's worked pretty well for him so far.  Plus he & William are going to work through aspects of the field trips from Digital Frog.

Math:  William will be using VideoText Algebra, planning for just modules A and B this year.  Thomas will be using Math Mammoth.  Both will also be doing other programs for drill and review (Mathletics, IXL Math, Math Essentials, etc.)

English:  All About SpellingFix-It for grammar study. Caesar's English for vocabulary.  Various other things as appropriate.

Other:  Various things for PE, including merit badges like hiking and personal fitness.  Various things for art and music.  William will be working with Faber & Faber Piano Adventures for music.  Thomas isn't convinced he wants to learn piano yet.  Assorted other crew products, undoubtedly.

I guess that is it.  I know there are still some other things up in the air, but that is the gist of the plans this year.  Subject to change, particularly with new Crew products.

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Deanna said...

I love looking through your plans for 4th and 8th grade since I have boys going into those grades. I am still trying to get my plans organized for the first day of school.