Monday, March 15, 2010

Finding Time

This week's question:  How do you find time for everything?

I don't.

I'd love to just end it with that.  But I probably should say more.  It's just that other crew members have been so eloquent and wonderful.  

So, in no particular order, here are some of my random thoughts on finding time for it all:
  • I pray.  I can't do every good thing that comes along.  We need to pick and choose.  I'm biased.  Prayer will usually convict me of what is truly important versus merely great.  I try to only say yes to the things that are truly important or utterly fantastic.
  • We try to be sure that most everything we do will be a benefit to multiple kids.  One of the disadvantages of having four siblings is that we really can't do things that only benefit one child.  Sometimes we have to, but it has to be exceedingly important.
  • The same thing goes for how we spend our time at home.  We choose to spend time mostly on things that help more than one child.  While I adore programs like Right Start for math, there is not enough time in the day for me to teach math their way to everyone.  I have to compromise, and math is something where they can be more independent.  
  • We tend to do some school in the van... particularly listening to our read-alouds via iPod school.  
  • I do very little extra stuff.  I don't have time to become a library board member, or even to go scrapbook.  I spent ten years teaching Sunday School before I had kids.  I'll undoubtedly spend time doing similar things when my kids are out of the house.  For me, now is not the season in my life to be doing some of these things.  
  • And while I don't think my house is unsanitary, it is certainly not clean.  Even when we have a working dishwasher (ours died in December), I tend towards things like paper towels in lieu of plates for lunches.  
Other crewmates have far more inspiring things to say, though, so you really should check out the other posts.  I'll try to link it tomorrow if I remember.

The TOS Crew Blog is sponsoring a question of the week every Tuesday. How Do You find time for everything? is planned for 3/16. I plan to participate as often as possible.
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6intow said...

I love the "I don't think my house is unsanitary." That's so true. Our standards have to change if we are going to keep our sanity.

It's all about priorities, isn't it? I don't want to destroy the planet, but I highly value time with my kids so sometimes that means disposable products. I think ministry is important, but my kids won't be around long, so right now, more time is spent at home.

Thank you for the reminder that these things are okay. :-)

Cristi said...

I feel better knowing that I'm not alone today. There just isn't enough time for all I'd hoped to do, but perhaps what I have been doing is more important.

Heather said...

So honest! Thanks--we are far from perfect around here and I lament all I do not get done--but I am so happy, realizing that someday my house will probably be perfect with my snuggable, messy kids gone. I know this is true--because I see this with my Mom and i was the oldest and I remember how much she always dreamed of quiet time, in a clean family room--now she has that and she's begging for the grandkids to come over:)
Also, good reminder that prayer comes first. When I do that, my day feels so much better.
Your posts always make me smile!