Thursday, March 25, 2010

Free iPhone app for math, today only

A friend (Jodi) turned me on to a homeschooling family that is creating educational apps for iPhones or iPod Touch.  iHomeEducator has created a handful of math applications, and I have a few on my wishlist at the moment.

Well, today only you can get their iLiveMath Animals of Africa for FREE :)  Gotta love that.  I'll confess, I've downloaded it, and just barely played with it.  I can tell you that it features beautiful photos, and lots of interesting animals in the problems.

Level 1 has problems such as:  In an African animal preserve there are 3 peacocks and 4 hippopotami.  What is the sum?

Level 2 has problems such as:  A tracker followed a crash of 39 rhinos and a drove of 23 cattle.  How many animals were tracked?

Level 3 has problems such as:  Last month we saw 85 hyenas.  This month we saw 8 times as many hyenas.  How many total hyenas were seen?

Here's a blog post about the freebie.  Go get yours.  
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Jodi said...

So nice of you to share the link for the freebie! :) And, to see that you're as excited as I am about educational apps! Thanks Debra for mentioning my blog.

Debra said...

Jodi --

I have been in love with iPod School ever since I got my first generation Shuffle. There is so much more to love now :)