Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's in my mail this week

Not a lot of exciting mail, but what I got was fun.  Well, most of it.

I received:
  • Two audio CDs, that I'll be reviewing soon
  • Chronological Guide to the Bible, that I'll be reviewing for Thomas Nelson
  • a mouse that I'm beta-testing
  • A Rainbow Brite doll, which Trina adores.  Thanks, Heather!!!
  • Alphabet Beats lowercase alphabet DVD, that I'll be reviewing for TOS Review Crew
  • and, yuck, the $15 rebate check that I got last week and forwarded on to my electric company.  They refused to take it.  Sometimes it sucks to have such a small utility company.  Everyone else I know who did this rebate deal got an electronic credit to their account.  Ugh.  
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