Friday, March 12, 2010

So, tell me, has the Crew taken over our homeschooling?

Here is what we have done today:

  • Illuminations:  read about Jonah in Mystery of History, read Jonah in the Bible, read about Yom Kippur, read some mysteries in More Stories to Solve, read about the ancient Olympics, and watched Jonah.
  • The kids played Wiglington & Wenks
  • My younger two worked on Time 4 Learning
  • They also both played on Jump Start (that is NOT Crew related)
  • William is reading the not yet released new reader from All About Spelling
  • The big three worked on All About Spelling
  • We read another chapter of the first Terrestria Chronicles book
  • We did Homeschool in the Woods notebook pages/map for another state in the postcard swap
  • We worked on Madsen Method
  • We did art with Artistic Pursuits
  • William did a few pages in Balance Benders
  • We worked on the letter 'a' with Alphabet Beats
  • We listened to a book from Children's Bible Hour Ministries
  • We listened to Peter and the Wolf from Maestro Classics (not directly a Crew item, but we own it because of the review we did last fall)
  • Connor dissected fruit and flowers for Biology.  Also not crew related.
  • I'm hoping to do an assessment test on Trina for Super Star Speech
  • The kids worked on Mathletics and Facts First
  • The big guys worked on their IEW lesson (not Crew related)
  • Three younger boys worked on reading assessments from Let's Go Learn (not Crew related)
  • William *better* go do some Explode the Code Online (not Crew related)
Clearly, right at the moment, we are doing a lot of stuff that IS crew related.  We also should be working with Family Mint and playing some learning games from Super Star Speech.  But my brain is about to explode.

And with writing this up, I realize today was a better homeschool day than I thought it was.


Anonymous said...

It's great that you are able to homeschool. It wouldn't work for me but I am aware of the many

Aldric Chang said...

Hi, I'm the Chief Executive Producer of The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World. I hope your children had a good time :) Please feel free to contact us for any questions!

Debbie said...

LOL That's a lot of Crew items!I've thought of doing a similar post somedays--the review products have definitely changed the way we do school!