Friday, March 19, 2010

Free book, today only

Are you on Facebook?

Go become a fan of Bethlehem Books. Then email them for a free book. You have until 3:00 CDT.

They have amazing stuff, I want so many titles of theirs. I requested Victory on the Walls.

Other titles that screamed at me (some I own and recommend, some I just want):
  • Beyond the Desert Gate
  • Archimedes and the Door to Science
  • The Ides of April
  • Hittite Warrior
  • God King
  • The Winged Watchman
  • Augustine Came to Kent
  • Son of Charlemagne
  • If All the Swords in England
  • Rolf and the Viking Bow
Go, go, go! Request yours now!

And I'd love to know what you get :)

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Debra said...

Don't know what is up with the formatting, but I'm leaving this up anyway... sorry!!!

Tess said...

I did get my email in before the deadline and I got my confirmation email back. I did a quick survey of my book shelves and asked family to vote. We choose A Tent for the Sun which is the first in the Roman Sequence. We already have Ides of April and Beyond the Dessert Gate. Thanks for letting me know!

Debbie said...

Oh, I read this too late! We have Hittite Warrior, Ides of April, and Archimedes already--good books.

Debra said...

Tess --- you'll have to tell me if we need to get that one :)

Debbie -- bummer! We've got Hittite Warrior out from the library right now, and will be checking Archimedes out soon (that pretty much covers the titles my library has), and a good friend is letting us borrow Ides of April. We own Desert Gate, God King and Winged Watchman. What excellent books... :)

Michelle said...

Oh, I read this too late! I was on the computer last night--but working on another review. Hope the rest of you enjoy your copies! :)