Saturday, March 6, 2010

New stuff, upcoming reviews, and more...

We've been totally overrun with new products to review.  I wanted to mention a few things that are going on in my household, and some things you have to look forward to (LOL!) in the upcoming weeks on my blog.  Links to most of these are on the right, under 'reviews you can be watching for.'

  • Madsen Method -- this is a long-term review, and is a language arts program that I am using for all the boys.  We are nearly through the 2nd section, and I have to admit I like it more as we get further into it.  I'm probably going to post a review when we finish the 3rd section, which hopefully will be fairly soon.
  • Sue Gregg was wonderful enough to send me another cookbook.  What a sweet lady!  I just received the Breakfasts cookbook, and although she didn't ask me to write about it, I still plan to.
  • We've been using Artistic Pursuits recently.  The Grades 4-6 Book 1.  I'm using this with my 3rd, 5th and 7th graders, and wow, do they put together a fantastic program.  Look for a review next week.
  • I'm using the Busy Mom's Bible.  I'll probably write more about it tomorrow.
  • We're using map products from Homeschool in the Woods in conjunction with our postcard swap.  This is just perfect.
  • We are continuing to use a million different online math programs.  MathScore is still working really well for Connor especially.  All the boys love Mathletics.  FactsFirst is going to be sorely missed when our subscription is up in another few weeks.  And we are using some new things now too... games from Galaxy of Education.  I love that they have stuff for kids up through high school.
  • My kids are probably most excited about a program called Wiglington and Wenks.  It is an online virtual world, and is just amazing.  They've been playing the free version and they LOVE in.  They've "met" the hunchback of Notre Dame, Buffalo Bill, Beethoven, Charles Darwin, among others.  Way, way cool.  I highly recommend signing up for a free account.
  • We just started reading book 1 of the Terrestria Chronicles.  The kids are begging for more.
  • We're using an online program meant to teach kids financial management skills.  
  • We also received a set of four wonderful books from Children's Bible Hour Ministries.  The kids listened to one this morning.  
  • I adore Critical Thinking products, and the Balance Benders one we received to review is no exception.
  • We will be starting to do some speech therapy at home for Katrina.  She is frequently tough to understand.  I have not started going through them, but I do have products from Super Star Speech to use with her.
  • I have a half-dozen or so books for ME to review too.  Chasing Francis, Sense & Sensibility, Homeschooling for the Rest of Us, The Rewards of Simplicity, and Intercessors Arise.
Things I'm eagerly anticipating:
  • I'm getting the next reader in the All About Spelling reader series.  We LOVE the first one, and I cannot wait to see the next one.  It isn't even on their website yet, but is supposed to be available on April 1.  I'm hoping it comes today.
  • I'm supposed to be getting something from Classical Legacy Press.  I'm assuming it is going to be their Latin program, but I don't know yet.  The suspense is killing me.
  • I've got some sort of a kids' audio on American tall tales coming (Plain Tales), and as much as we love iPod school, I can't wait.
  • We have something -- health supplements? -- from Beeyoutiful supposedly on its way too.  I'm sure whatever it is, we need it.
Told you I had been hit with lots of stuff lately.  

Other new stuff in our life:
  • Connor started attending the Biology class at Virtual Homeschool Group.  This is wonderful and amazing and exactly what he needed.  He's already planning to take Chemistry in the fall.  The two will overlap a bit.  
  • We started using the Ancient History Based Writing Lessons from Institute for Excellence in Writing.  Wish I had done this earlier.
  • I'm hoping to attend the Schoolhouse Expo -- an online homeschooling conference, featuring some of my very favorite homeschool "celebs."  It happens in May, but signing up by the end of the month saves $5.  
This post does contain Amazon affiliate links.  


Aldric Chang said...


I am the Chief Executive Producer of Wiglington and Wenks and I am really glad to hear that your children love our virtual world :)

Would love to see your review on it!

Kind regards,

6intow said...

That Virtual Homeschool is very intriguing. Is it free? He is taking Biology . . . does he need the book to go with it, or is it a stand alone course? Looks very interesting.

Love these preview posts with all that you have to come. My AAS reader came today, hopefully you have yours or will soon!

Debra said...

Thanks for the encouragement about Wiglington. I'm looking forward to seeing the paid version, but they are really enjoying the free one too.

Erin -- my AAS reader did come yesterday, and I love it. Can't wait to start working through it.

Virtual Homeschool Group is free. The science courses use Apologia, and you do need the textbook. They watch labs being performed, so if you don't have a microscope or are squeamish about dissections, the kids can just watch that part. There are lot of great extras. Connor is loving the class, and doing really well at it too.

6intow said...

Thanks for more info on the Virtual Homeschool Group. I will definitely be looking into that a bit more.

Thank you for posting about it!