Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OK, so what I bought at Walgreens

Okay, as promised... here is what I got at Walgreen's on Monday.  I spent $20.98 on my FSA card (Nyquil), so that didn't come out of my pocket right now.  I spent $11.94 out of my pocket, which included using $5 in register rewards, and I have $12 in register rewards available to use next time.  So, my net out of pocket was $4.94.  (I don't count the medications... I probably should... but I consider that money already spent when it comes out of the paycheck.)

We had NO toilet paper in my house, so I desperately needed that.  And we needed cold medication pretty badly.  We're very, very low on feminine protection as well.  And toothpaste was on my list of things to "stock up" this week (maybe I need to post about that too!).  Given how desperately short of cash we are this week, I only bought one tube.

I did do two transactions, something I don't normally do, but since they were not busy, well, I did.  I earned a $10 register reward on my first purchase that I used on my second one.

Anyway, here's the list:

Cottonelle Toilet Paper - 24 "big" rolls
Kotex pads - 2 boxes of 22
Nyquil (assorted types - day, night, capsules) - 4 packages
Colgate Total Toothpaste - 1
Kotex Tampons - 2 boxes of 18
Starbucks Frappucino - 2 regular sized bottles
Lindsay Olives - 2 cans (black) and 2 jars (green)

I have to be in town again this week, and I probably will use $2 of the register rewards I collected to purchase 4 more cans/jars of olives.  Gotta get those 'vegetables' any way I can... :)

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author said...

Awesome!!! Thank you for posting that. I went out last night and did up some Register Rewards, too. (Heehee) I'm thinking about using mine to get free toothpaste and other "bathroom" items. ;)