Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fit Mommy Fri... errr, Saturday: Challenge Week 1

So, yesterday got away from me and I never checked in.  I don't think I actually promised I'd be ON TIME with my check-ins, just that I'd do them.  So here goes.  My Fit Mommy Friday Challenge check-in:
  1. I will move daily.  I did do a pretty good job of this.  I made a point of walking when I'd normally be sitting (like while on the phone).  And I got some walking in while in town on Tuesday/Thursday.  I need to be more intentional about this though, especially on days when I'm home.
  2. I will drink water.  Okay, so while I'm still failing by most "expert" standards, I started every day except one (the morning it was 49 degrees in the house!) with a big glass of cold water.  I actually found myself waking up in the morning thinking about how much I wanted a glass of water.  And I did not have any Mountain Dew.  My kids did not make this easy.  While shopping, they went and grabbed one and put it with the groceries.  And Thomas grabbed one for me in Walgreens.  I had to put them back.  That was probably the hardest thing I did all week.
  3. De-cluttering my environment.  Well, while I did actually meet the letter of the law goal, many days I really didn't do that much.  And of course, my decluterred island is covered with science experiments (see yesterday's post on Yuck!)  
  4. Eat sensibly.  I did okay at this.  I shopped on Thursday to pick up some things (mushrooms, spinach...) that make this easier for me.  I ate a good breakfast all week, which is a major first step.  Beyond breakfast, I didn't do anything stupid.  Splurged on cheese fondue last night.
  5. Working out.  I only did two things that were explicitly a work out -- T-Tapp instructional video on Monday and Wednesday.  If this is what I continue doing, I really do need to get closer to doing it daily.
  6. Check in.  Well, my promise was every Friday/Saturday, and it is Saturday. 
So -- mostly good.  This coming week could be challenging.  I made sure to buy candy that doesn't particularly appeal to me, in case we get trick-or-treaters tomorrow.  Usually, we don't.  I'll probably have one or two pieces, but this isn't something that is going to scream out at me.

Click the link above to see how some of my fellow challenge-mates are doing.  I'm sure all of them would adore an encouraging word.


momma24 said...

Sounds like you had a great week! Good job, esp. turning down the Dew-I am impressed!!

Michelle Smith said...

Hey, Debra, it's a good start! Putting back that Mountain Dew was big! A good thing. It is always harder to have the temptation around. This week I am hoping to eat fewer desserts and baked goods--by keeping it out of the house! When this birthday cake is gone, it is gone--until the next birthday--which is actually just around the corner! ;)

Kelly said...

Sounds like you did good meeting your goals. Limiting my cokes even though they have no carbs is still berry hard for me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are off to a wonderful start! I've also enjoyed browsing your blog, too! I'm a homeschooling mom of 5, as well :)

Have a great week. ~Tamara

i cant decide said...

Yeah, T-Tapp! Good job on drinking water and giving up mountain dew. You are making lots of changes.

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Sounds like a good week! I buy candy the same way. No Reese's or Butterfingers here!

Pink Slippers said...

Well done! Giving up the Mt Dew is not an easy goal and you showed great inner strength and resolve!

Annie Kate said...

It's so hard when the kids 'help out' like that, isn't it?

At least one of mine loves nature walks as much as I do, and that helps me get the family out the door. :) But the rest of them suggest that I relax instead....

Wishing you another great week!

Annie Kate

author said...

I'm a huge fan of walking around while on the fact, it's not so much a fan-thing as a "nervous tick" on my part. LOL! I just have to move while on the phone. (Yeah, I know. Weird.)
But congrats on the great first week. Don't worry about not posting exactly on Fridays. As long as you check in, we still love you. ;-) (And even if you don't check in...hee hee) See you next week, Debra! Keep it up!

Jen said...

Debra, you may find this article interesting about Will I? vs I Will. I find it fits well with setting goals and working on them.

Also as an off topic type thing you may be interested in this article too.

Best wishes
Jen in Oz