Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maud Hart Lovelace Reading Challenge #2

a. Why you joined the MHLRC.  My friend Karla blogged about it, and it intrigued me.  I've never read any Lovelace books, and I was wanting to find something to read to my only daughter.  So I joined.

b. Which book you are currently reading for the challenge.  I found Betsy-Tacy on my shelf, so we've started that.  I also put Betsy-Tacy and Tib on hold at the library.  I'll be picking it up on Wednesday.  I have the feeling I'll be reserving more. 

c. Something new you have learned either from participating in this challenge or from a MHL book you have read.  I had NO IDEA that Maud Hart Lovelace was a Minnesota writer.  Now I want to read everything she wrote.

d. Which book in the Deep Valley series you hope to win and why.  I think I'd want to win the Winona's Pony Cart/Carney's House Party volume.  Mostly because the pony cart story sounds a little closer to my daughter's age level, and I love the idea of discovering these stories with my daughter.


Elizabeth said...

I must find time to read more... but where? .... maybe reading instead of blogging.. ;)

Tagged you in a post...


Sarah M. said...

Debra, please email me your mailing address libraryhospital AT gmail DOT com so I can mail the bookmark to you. :)

Sarah M. said...

I made an error. libraryhospitalblog AT gmail DOT com. Sorry for the confusion!