Friday, October 15, 2010

Today Only: A couple of deals in the Schoolhouse Store

The Old Schoolhouse magazine is having a couple of sales TODAY only, on a couple of items I really like.  So  I thought I'd share!  Either deal is $19.95, and each comes with a beautiful tote bag.  I want one of the bags, but so far there hasn't been a deal that I want to go for.  Including this one -- I already have the products on sale today.  You, however, might benefit.

One option is to purchase either the Spring 2010 or the Fall 2010 Expo to Go.  I loved both Expos, and particularly love having the mp3 files to listen to again.  Both were amazing.  If you can learn from listening, this is a phenomenal deal.  The Spring package is available immediately.  The Fall Expo just happened last week, so it will be about another two weeks before those mp3s are available.

The other option is to purchase the 2010 Schoolhouse Planner.  I love my planner.  It is ginormous, and one of the best parts is that it doesn't have a lot of fancy, girly graphics that a) suck up ink when you print, and b) make it so that my sons refuse to use the pages in *their* planners.

Today only.  $19.95.  And you get the cranberries & cream tote.  Click the graphic for the deal you wish to purchase.  And a disclosure -- I think those are affiliate links.  Which means I get something if you purchase it through here.  Feel free to link from a google search instead. 

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