Friday, November 26, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday Challenge Check-In

I seem to be incapable of checking in weekly. My Fit Mommy Friday Challenge check-in, for two weeks, I guess:
  1. I will move daily.  I did do a pretty good job of this.  I've been outside walking, and when we head out, I really am focused on getting in more movement.  I've been parking way further out almost always (the exception was when I needed to park within the free wireless range) and hiking into the store at a good clip.
  2. I will drink water.  Okay, so while I'm still failing by most "expert" standards, I started every day with a big glass of cold water. I'm waking up thirsty and drinking my water.  As for the Mountain Dew, well, I have to confess... last Monday, when I had jury duty, I had a Mountain Dew with my lunch.  I really needed the caffeine, I think I needed the sugar buzz too... and I did get a small.  And I did not get a refill.  And I enjoyed every single sip of it.  (And stayed awake through the trial that afternoon to boot.)
  3. De-cluttering my environment.  Well, while I did actually meet the letter of the law goal, many days I really didn't do that much. I did have a couple of days where I really made a serious effort though too.
  4. Eat sensibly.  I'm doing a decent job.  Even Thanksgiving... we didn't end up having dessert, as I was tired of dishes, so I didn't make a pie.
  5. Working out.  <sigh>  I have to do this.  Somebody yell at me, 'kay?
  6. Check in. Yeah, let's totally blow the easy stuff, shall we?
This coming week, I am going to seriously focus on the decluttering and on working out.

Click the link above to see how some of my fellow challenge-mates are doing.  I'm sure all of them would adore an encouraging word.


SisterTipster said...

OKay sister~NEW WEEK is here...get 'er moving! LOL...(Was THAT fussy nuf?? LOL) hang in there! HUGS!

Michelle Smith said...

Good job, Debra! Keep at it--but do some exercise, too, friend! Just pick something and do it! I didn't do well with aerobic exercise this week either, and the scale certainly shows it! Let's keep each other accountable on this, shall we? :)