Friday, November 12, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday Challenge

I thought I checked in last week!  Oh, how did I miss that!!! My Fit Mommy Friday Challenge check-in, for two weeks, I guess:
  1. I will move daily.  I did do a pretty good job of this.  I've been outside walking, and when we head out, I really am focused on getting in more movement.
  2. I will drink water.  Okay, so while I'm still failing by most "expert" standards, I started every day with a big glass of cold water.  And I did not have any Mountain Dew.  My kids still are not making this easy. 
  3. De-cluttering my environment.  Well, while I did actually meet the letter of the law goal, many days I really didn't do that much. I did have a couple of days where I really made a serious effort though too.
  4. Eat sensibly.  I'm doing a decent job.  A birthday threw me a bit... got him an Oreo cake, but had already picked up a lemon meringue pie.  For the most part, I haven't been doing mindless snacking though
  5. Working out.  <sigh>  I hiked one day with William.  I'm not sure there is anything else that really counts as a "work out" as such.  Maybe I was too ambitious here though.  Getting moving (#1) may be all I ought to have been shooting for at first.  Or, more likely, I'm trying to rationalize. 
  6. Check in. Yeah, let's totally blow the easy stuff, shall we?
I am going to make a point of getting at least one real work-out in.  Really.  And I am starting next week's check-in post TODAY and am going to write in it EVERY DAY.  Really.

Click the link above to see how some of my fellow challenge-mates are doing.  I'm sure all of them would adore an encouraging word.


Heather said...

You ARE doing well! Getting rid of soda is huge. It sounds like you are walking alot, so that' good. I went from not walking because it was too thinking I better get my butt out there:) Good luck and tell the kids you'll be a happier Mama if they help tidy for you!! I do more exercise when I don't do as much housework--it really does matter, I think

Annie Kate said...

Just keep on moving. LOL That's how people stayed fit in the past.

I think you're doing great, slowly getting used to changes. A heroic make-over never lasts anyhow.

Have a great week!

Annie Kate

Pink Slippers said...

Keep it up, you are doing good. I will be watching to see how the workout thing goes for you this week!

Anonymous said...

You are doing terrific! I like the way you kept track of all your goals...


i cant decide said...

Great job on giving up the mountain dew! It looks like you are doing really well overall!

Anonymous said...

Wow, such a great job! I'm feeling so inspired after reading these posts tonight :)

Michelle Smith said...

Hey, you're doing just fine! Just keep taking baby steps in all the right directions! You're doing great just getting rid of soda--so many health benefits right there! :)