Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day Two

A good friend of mine, Brenda at Garden of Learning, put together a Gratitude Challenge.  The idea is to post for every day in November about something you are thankful for.

So -- Day Two  --

Today, I think that I am most grateful for a very well-behaved Physical Science class.  I have a group of kids in there that range from roughly age 10 to age 16, and they are just a terrific group.  It isn't like I have "teaching" experience as far as classroom management, and I have not spent anywhere near enough time learning the technology of my classroom.

But these kids, for the most part, are in there fixing things when I type in a bad color on the whiteboard, or erasing stuff that needs to go away, or pulling up links or pictures... A lot of this is stuff I could do.  If I wasn't focusing on getting the information across.  You know, like walking and chewing gum -- I can't talk about the hydrologic cycle and change the color of the text I just typed at the same time.

I can't say I thank God for these well-behaved students every day... but I certainly say a prayer of thanksgiving for them every Tuesday. 

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Tess said...

I am thankful that you introduced us to the academy and that you are teaching my daughter! I'm so proud to be a mom of one your students.