Monday, November 8, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Friends

A good friend of mine, Brenda at Garden of Learning, put together a Gratitude Challenge.  The idea is to post for every day in November about something you are thankful for.

So -- Day Eight  --

So tonight as I was dropping my Boy Scouts off at church (very) early, in order to be able to get my Cub Scouts to the other side of town to be bowling, I left them with parting instructions.

I told them I should be back to pick them up, but if Mrs. X told them that they were supposed to go home with her that they needed to go home with her (she lives near the bowling alley).  And as I added... "You know, that is a good rule of thumb.  If she ever tells you that you are supposed to go home with her, you are to do so."

It hit me that it has been a very, very long time since I've been able or willing to say that about anyone.


Unknown said...

How wonderful it is to have someone you trust to pick up your kids!

My Captivating Life said...

That is definitely a blessing!