Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gratitude Challenge:

A good friend of mine, Brenda at Garden of Learning, put together a Gratitude Challenge.  The idea is to post for every day in November about something you are thankful for.

So -- Day Twenty  --

I've been so negligent in posting these.  I'm thinking about it daily, but I just don't seem to get the posting part to happen.

Today, I am grateful for amazing curriculum, books and other materials that I'm fortunate enough to review.  I cannot believe how blessed I am in this.  We are able to use things I'd never be able to afford in our schooling, and I am having the opportunity to read some incredible books.  Just as an overview, right now:
  • William is using a Latin program that seems to be a great pace for him.
  • Connor specifically asked for a computer programming course this year.  I told him I'd see what we could do.  Well, he has a full-year programming course to review.
  • Thomas started the year without any formal science planned.  He is now doing biology, and it is great for him.
  • Connor is getting the chance to read fantastic supplemental science resources.  Now that he is down to "only" one high school science course, he does really need some additional reading.
  • We just received a game that William will be getting for his birthday. 
  • Institute for Excellence in Writing.  I still tear up when I think about this coming into my life.
  • I have a book about a Forensic Geologist coming.  I mean, really, how perfect is that for me?  (Connor is very, very into forensics, William wants to go into geology)
  • All kinds of resources are pushing me, challenging me, in my faith.
  • I've got a DVD on its way.  That makes Dale happy.
  • November is always a bit tough for me.  My first baby was due on Veteran's Day.  So the audio book I'm reviewing has hinted at some healing for moms who've miscarried. 
This doesn't even factor in the amazing things I've already reviewed... and there is so much of that we are continuing to use.


Michelle Smith said...

I know, Debra. I am currently reviewing some amazing things, too. I feel so blessed. :)

Catherine said...

I've been very thankful for how many reviews were a perfect fit for our boys, too. It's great when it all works out like that. I hope the audio book you are reviewing touches your heart and helps to put a little bit of salve on the part that will always hurt.