Monday, November 8, 2010

One of THOSE days... Again.

Argh!  I know, I should just expect days like this.  It's beautiful outside today (and it isn't supposed to be starting tomorrow), so I want the kids to get out and enjoy it.  That's the great part.
  • But Connor has stuff he needs to do as Patrol Leader, and he's been working on it... and his computer shut down and we can't restart it.  So that means he had to start over -- on MY computer -- and mess up my morning.
  • The power cord for the PC Laptop is totally MIA, all the kids' computers are non-functioning, only one desktop is connected to the internet... and that means that I keep having to give up MY COMPUTER so the kids can do things like their online classes, or IXL Math, or scout stuff.
  • The archery merit badge event that the big two attended Saturday had too many kids, so they did not get enough time to shoot.  The makeup is scheduled for a day the kids are supposed to be camping with the troop.  How do we figure out which to attend?  Do I spend the entire weekend driving them around?
  • The Cub Scout Pack is bowling tonight.  On the far end of town.  And they changed the time for it.  So I have to drop my Boy Scouts off, oh, 45 minutes EARLY for scouts, race across town for the bowling, and since we have to leave so early, I will have to bring Trina with me.  At least, with this change, it should not be a problem to get back to pick my Boy Scouts up on time.  Before it was even worse, as I'd have to drop them off 30 minutes early, and probably be at least 10 minutes late to pick them up.
  • Because I am such a procrastinator, I have patches to sew on a scout shirt, buttons to fix on pants, and, well, I guess maybe my kids needing to use my computer today isn't a bad thing.  It will force me to not be checking my Facebook notices instead of sewing.  I detest sewing patches.  Really.  I hate it. 
  • And it just occurred to me that our school year just ended (10/31) and I haven't done anything about standardized testing.  In Colorado, we have to test (or do evaluations) in odd grade years.  The kids just "officially" finished 7th, 5th and 3rd grades.  I HAVE TO get those ordered and done.  Bad Mom.  It's just that testing is so ridiculously unhelpful...
  • I also need to crack down on my oldest "I know everything already" son, who shall remain nameless.  He is not doing the work he needs to be doing because he thinks he already knows it all.  When is it that parents become smart again?  When the kid turns 20?  <sigh>
  • I'm sure giving up Mountain Dew has NOTHING to do with my lousy attitude.  NOTHING.  Do you hear me?  NOTHING. Yes, I'm yelling.
Okay, done venting.  I can go sew now.   After I get another cup of coffee.  Something else I probably should give up, but I'm pretty sure my family would kill me if I try it anytime soon.

So.  How are you today?


Debra said...

So I have to post an update... getting some of this stupid sewing done is making my mood a LOT better. I'm not finished with the uniform, but it is almost to the point where he can wear it tonight. There is at least one patch that doesn't absolutely have to be on there yet, so I'm not going to worry about that one.

Jen said...

Congrats Debra. I too hate handsewing.

I am with you on the Argh!!! I have to tidy up a room that I entirely demolished over the weekend. The bad thing is it is the school stuff that is piled everywhere. And the weather is warm, yay, sinus headaches and tiredness. Not great timing!

Looks like we will be doing school into our Christmas break.

Hope your day improved,
Best wishes
Jen in Oz

Heidi said...

I hate sewing on patches too. When my kids were in AWANA, I used to safety pin them on with the promise I'd get to it. The shirts went into their memory boxes with missing patches. LOL!

I promise my kids I'll be smart again when they are about 25. Yep - you just wait and see.

My Captivating Life said...

So so glad I am not the only one who has days like that!